Calleja Formosa Energy Saving is one of the leading renewable energy companies on the Maltese Islands. We are committed to bring renewable energy within reach of all energy users. Our service includes energy saving solutions with a non obligation comprehensive technical evaluation of all installed equipment. The power consumption of installed lighting, cooling and motor driven applications can be measured using state-of-the-art energy analyzers in order to identify where substantial savings can be achieved. Once we understand how your business is using energy we can Report & Recommend the products required to deliver substantial savings.

Want to save up to 40% of your energy costs ?

Want to get access to some of the finest energy saving products in the world?

Want to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change?

You know how much energy you are using and, crucially, what that energy is costing you?

Do you know how much energy you are wasting or how much carbon they are producing?

How much does it cost?
Customer satisfaction is achieved by following our Company Values:

1. Relentless passion in our pursuit of the right tools, techniques, products and technologies that reduce the cost of electricity.

2. Environmental accountability, by providing products which contribute towards zero emission energy.

3. Integrity by maintaining the highest standards in the services provided.

4. Respect to our clients, through efficient response and dedication in our work.

Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Motor Energy Controllers

As main distributors for EMS (European) Ltd we provide effective solutions for motor energy management and control, general motor control and dedicated energy reduction within the industrial, commercial, retail and leisure industries. These units have been successfully installed in various installations in refrigeration plants and motor control centers or as individual power controllers resulting is cost reduction of operation.

By monitoring the load level, Motor Energy Controllers, save between 10% and 40% of the electricity costs without any loss of power or detriment to the motor or change of operation.
Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Power Factor Correction

Our products from EMS (European) Ltd provide an intelligent monitoring system to maximize power consumption at a reduced cost. Installation of Power factor units can give a benefit up to 8% reduction in electricity cost.
Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Photovoltaic Systems

Our photovoltaic systems are imported from Italy and are composed of 72 high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells produced with the most innovative technologies. These modules can be produced with power from 200 to 300Wp, with a high power density up to '155Wp per square meter and high efficiency of 15.5%'.
Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Energy Saving on Lighting

Public, Industrial , Commercial Buildings and Hospitals, are all high users of fluorescent and discharge lighting. Our Energy Saving units installed on Lighting systems are microprocessor – controlled. Each energy saving unit for standard magnetic ballast fluorescent and discharge lighting reduces power consumption by up to 30% with an imperceptible effect on light levels.
Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Water Saving System

Waste consumption can be reduced through the installation of easy-to-fit tap devices in homes and commercial premises to provide a simple solution to water wastage at the tap – up to 70% water saving.
Our energy saving program provides the following technologies:

Eco Eye System

The Eco Eye System provides real time monitoring of the power consumption and computes electricity costs providing the consumer with a tool to manage the energy consumption.
Calleja & Formosa are providing

• Free energy audit service.

• Free recommendation on energy saving solutions.

• A 100% guaranteed return on investment

• Real-time electricity consumption monitoring 24/7 allowing you to make wise decisions to cut costs and boost profits.

With the integration of innovative energy technologies into existing or new systems we provide our customers with proven financial savings. Out state of the art products include Motor Energy Controllers, Photovoltaic systems, Energy Saving Lighting Control systems, Water Saving Systems and Eco Eye Systems.