How does MEC work?

Ac induction motors consume more than half of the worlds’ energy! Unfortunately, motors lack the intelligence to address three key problems that lead to massive energy wastage, unnecessary carbon emissions and undue wear and tear:

1) Fixed speed motor driven applications like escalators cannot intelligently adjust their torque output to mach load changes leading to excess energy consumption.

2) Motors that drive applications like pumps and fans cannot intelligently adjust their speed to match load changes and as such consume more power than they need.

3) When starting, a motor develops more toque than is required at full speed. This high inrush of current can lead to mechanical breakdown and peak demand penalties.

To avoid the problems associated with starting, motors are often left running continuously even when they are not being used leading to huge energy waste.

The MEC solution effortlessly addresses all of these problems by introducing intelligence to your existing systems:

1) MEC can be applied to fixed speed applications and will dynamically adjust the torque output to meet load requirement without altering the speed.

This leads to substantial savings and is ideal for applications like escalators and many others which run a no/low load for long periods of time. In the right applications, payback is typically under two years!

2) MEC can be specified to intelligently adjust the speed of your motors to mach their variable loading so your motors only consume the power they need. This is a vast improvement over traditional control methods such as throttling. A mere 20% reduction in speed can lead to energy saving of up to 50%.

3) MEC provides a smooth, step-less acceleration (soft start) of your motors. This dramatically reduces wear and tear on your system and helps you to avoid peak demand penalties. With a controlled start in place your motors can now be switched off without the fear of re-staring and MEC can be programmed to perform this function automatically. Auto Switch Off delivers 100% energy savings!

Soft Start Systems

Designed for any three phase motor system these units provide controlled ramp up and ramp down reducing strain on transmission systems.

Power Factor Correction Systems

More accurately described as Reactive Power Compensation, standard systems are available in sizes from 50kVAr to 400kVAr, 208V to 690V.

Smart Single Phase Control Systems

This smart control provides energy savings on three levels, motor management, time management and thermal management. A low cost but sophisticated control the EnviroAC provides savings of up to 50% on AC's, Air Handling, Pumping and General Refrigeration applications.

Digital Voltage Regulators

Provides accurate and low cost speed control for quadratic, (high slip motors).

Digital Power Regulators

Provides accurate power control of systems with high electrical inertia such as inductive or resistive heating elements and can provide savings of 20% or more.


• Speed control delivers savings of up to 50%
• Torque control can offer a payback in under 2 years
• Controlled starting reduces wear & tear and peak demand costs
• Auto switch Off delivers 100% energy savings


Three MEC’s were installed on the fans of fiber glass production line in the UK.

The installation delivered a payback in 1 year 9 months, providing $225,000 on the bottom line every year after payback!